Super Level 1: Superannuation Foundation

  • Year level: Year 7-12
  • Level: Foundation
  • Time:  45-60 mins
  • Video time: 10 mins
  • Activities: 30 mins
  • Assessment:
    10 question quiz
  • Certificate: SUP1
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Learning Objectives

  • Grasp what Super is and the economic rationale behind Superannuation 

  • Explore the role of Super in Australia and how it relates to you 

  • Develop the skills to do the maths behind Super and calculate out contribution amounts according to the Super guarantee

  • Reason Super matters and how it affects citizens both positively and negatively 

4 x Theory videos

Each theory video is presented by young experts, engaging your students, and taking complex theory delivery off your hands. 

1 x Summary Quiz

A quiz comprising of 10 questions include a blend of critical thinking, maths and fact recall questions. Testing how effectively each learning objective has been met.

4 x Short activities

Each theory video is accompanied by a research or critical thinking task, presented as a worksheet deliverable. A final activity brings together all learning objectives!

Part of the bigger picture

On completion of the session with a test score of above 70%, students will earn their SUPL1 (Super  Level 1), which counts as one sixth of their Mandy Money Systems Micro-Credential.

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Lesson Overview

Meet the instructor

Kellie Bailey

Kellie Bailey is your Super expert.

Having studied at the University of Melbourne, she's passionate about getting young people confident about their money situation!

With two years of firsthand experience working in the finance industry, she's perfectly placed to translate complex financial systems into friendly nuggets of information that young people can relate to.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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